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Attendant Services


Attendant Services

Attendant Services at Home in Jalandhar are offered in the patient’s home to foster, maintain, or recover health, as well as to decrease the impacts of disease and incapacity. Nursing care, speech, physical, and occupational therapies, home health aide services, and personal care services are all possible.
Our goal is to provide a wide range of supportive, in-home nursing care while upholding the highest healthcare standards. JK Health Care at Home offers nursing care for both medical and non-medical services, allowing you or a loved one to remain at home in a comfortable, familiar, and loving setting. Because of our home care agency’s emphasis on compassion, respect, education, training, and competent care, our nurses and other caregivers are among the most knowledgeable medical support workers.

What do we do?

Our basic care services include private duty nurses and personal caregivers for the elderly and disabled. However, we offer a wide range of medical support services and help to people of all ages and from all walks of life, including those in treatment or rehabilitation following an accident, injury, or chronic disease. With a specific personal care plan, we deliver expert nursing care and home health care services to people of all ages. Although most home care service organizations provide elder care and older adult help, others go above and above to give more comprehensive care. We provide a wide range of extra care choices, from helping with everyday tasks to more medically intense home health care, such as rehabilitation following surgery.

Benefits of Hiring a Home Attendant Service

Give Basic Health Care

One of the responsibilities of a home attendant is to provide basic medical care. They give out oral or topical drugs as instructed by a doctor or nurse. They can change dressings, monitor vital signs, and help with prostheses or respirators.

Assist with Personal Hygiene

Home attendants help patients with personal grooming, such as bathing, dental hygiene, using bedpans, and disposing of bedpan waste. They assist patients with dressing, grooming their hair, shaving, and applying cosmetics.

Support with Movement

Many patients struggle with mobility, and home attendants assist them in getting in and out of chairs, baths, beds, and cars. They have been trained to help patients who need canes or walkers.


Providing fellowship to patients is one of the most essential roles of home attendants. They delight, converse with, and read to their patients. They assist patients in staying up to date on topics of interest to them, such as making phone calls to friends or watching beloved television shows.

Why choose us?

JK Health Care at Home provides a variety of excellent care services in your area for the elderly, bedridden, or those in need of personal care, post-operative care, and many more. We provide long-term and short-term support and are available around the clock 12 hours a day, seven days a week.
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